Our approach to quality in fish farming

Convinced that fish farming nutrition will be unsustainable unless it is linked to performance, quality and the conservation of resources. Le Gouessant Aquaculture has put an exacting quality initiative into place, matching numerous quality certifications and numerous accreditation organisations

Standards, labels and certification

  • RCNA Certification
    Certification Standard Animal Nutrition, or Référentiel de Certification Nutrition Animale in French, is based on the responsibility of the manufacturer’s management to manage food safety, best practice, and the production process.


  • Global GAP Certification
    A Label that is based on legal conformity, food safety, health and safety at work for the employees, social practices and risk management, animal welfare and environmental impact.


  • HACCP Method
    A system for analysing the different dangers and the identification of key points for their management.


  • « Raw materials and finished products » Monitoring plan
    Linked to a precise sampling plan, it involves the evaluation of regularity, and the conformity of the raw materials received and of the finished feeds.


  • STNO Certification
    This certification guarantees a limit of < 0,9% GMO from raw materials in the finished feed.


Quality audit for our raw material suppliers

The quality of our products depends, above all, on the quality of the raw materials that we use, we have put an evaluation plan into place for each one of our suppliers. As a result, conformity audits are carried out by our accreditation unit. They focus notably on certifications they have, the strict compliance with the legislation that is in force, the management of procedures and the nutritional quality of products.

Biological, chemical and physical monitoring of our raw materials and feeds

Since 2003, Le Gouessant has had its own laboratory and has equipped itself with extremely high performance equipment, such as near infra-red technology (NIR for Near Infra Red) which enables the nutritional values of raw materials and finished products to be predicted. Its tasks are the following:

  • To control the conformity of raw materials and finished products with the standards required
  • To ensure that the product maintains all of its characteristics and nutritional values after each stage of manufacture

The external analyses are carried out by our partner laboratories that are referenced and accredited NF EN ISO/IEC 17025 and OQUALIM.

Operational excellence

As part of our initiative for continual improvement, Le Gouessant Aquaculture has structured its participatory and sustainable approach as Operational Excellence. Its aim: to continually improve our client satisfaction, the working conditions of our staff, and our organisational efficiency.

This strategy is built on four pillars :

  • People
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Costs

The plurality of our quality labels


Engaged in plural and sustainable farming, Le Gouessant offers a wide range of standards and new opportunities for outlets. As a result, our team has perfected several ranges of certified feeds for fish farming with labels that are recognised in France and internationally.

Our teams will help you put your quality initiatives linked to labelled fish production into place.