Specially formulated feeds to meet salmonid requirements

Our feed formulations for salmonids are optimised in order to meet the physiological and energy requirements of the species raised in freshwater or in the sea.


Studies and feedback for performance improvement

Dessin samonideOur nutritional ranges are created on the basis of solid scientific studies and farm-based trials. The feedback from the field enables us to adapt each formulation and underpins our advice for feeding your trout, Atlantic salmon and other salmonid species, thus guaranteeing you better technical and economic performance.

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Feed presentation

Pellet size

We offer a fry range for salmonids using crumbs of 0,15 to 0,80mm and then pellets from 0,8 to 1,4mm.These feeds are supplemented with several additives in order to improve fry health and growth.
The fattening feeds are supplied as pellets with increasing sizes: 1,7 ; 2,5 ; 3,5 ; 4,0 ; 5,5 ; 7,5 ; 9,5 and finally 11,5 mm.
Several feeds for trout breeding stock are available. There are several pellet sizes in order to suit the fish before or after laying.


All of the fattening and reproduction feeds are sold in floating, semi-floating or sinking forms, in order to suit your requirements.


It is possible to add pigments to the feed, for the entire salmonid range.
Several concentrations are available in order to adjust the degree of flesh pigmentation.


Our salmonid feeds are separated into two subcategories each meeting different specifications : the standard feeds and the organic fish farming. All the feeds are guaranteed GMO free (<0,9%).

Disease prevention

With the aim of reducing the use of medicated feeds, we endeavour on a daily basis, to develop alternative solutions.
As a result the NEO-E range has been developed to combat summer enteritis in trout. Its creation is a result of the work carried out with formulations and selecting certain additives.
In addition to this tailor-made range, several natural and synthetic additives are available in order to combat the major disease challenges in salmonids.
To name but the most important : flavobacterium, furonculosis, enteritis, and not forgetting all the parasites.

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