Feeds that are specially formulated to meet the needs of marine fish

Thanks to our expertise, our formulations are totally optimised in order to meet the physiological and energy requirements of marine fish at all their physiological stages.



We have a range of especially for Turbot farming that comply with Label Rouge (Red Label) specifications. This species requires a pellet that is extremely rich in proteins, meal and fish oils. These feeds are suitable for all physiological stages and give very firm flesh and low levels of fat.

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Croaker/drum fish

Formulated with a high level of digestible energy, the Ombrine range has pellets that go from 1,7mm to 11,5mm. These feeds are only in sinking form.

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Other marine species

We are able to offer you other more specialist feeds for marine species, including the kingfish, the sole, olive flounder/bastard halibut and even ormers, on which we have already worked.

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Studies and feed back for performance improvement

Dessin poisson marinOur nutritional ranges are developed using the results of serious scientific studies and all are tested in a fish farming situation. The feedback that we receive enables us to adapt each formulation and also to support the advice that we give you for feeding your Sea bass, sea bream, meagre, turbot and other flat fish ; guaranteeing you improved technical and economic performance.

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Presentation of feeds

Fry, all species

We offer a Fry range for marine fish, with crumbs from 0,4 to 1 mm and then pellets from 0,8 to 1,4mm. These feeds are supplemented with several additives in order to improve the growth and health of fry.

The feeds are only supplied in sinking form.


Fattening seabass, sea bream, meagre

The feeds for fattening seabass, sea bream, croaker/drum fish are supplied in pellet form with increasing sizes: 1,7 ; 2,5 ; 3,5 ; 4,0 ; 5,5 ; 7,5 ; 9,5 finally 11,5 mm for feeds that are intended for breeding stock.

The vast majority of these feeds are offered in sinking or semi-sinking form.


Our feeds for marine fish are divided into five subcategories that comply with the different specifications : the standard feeds, Organic Fish Farming and Label Rouge (Red Label). All these feeds are guaranteed as being GMO free (<0,9%).


Disease prevention

With the aim of reducing the use of medicated feeds, we are continually working to develop alternative solutions.

Several natural and synthetic additives are available in order to prevent the major pathologies in marine fish (bacterial diseases and parasites).


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