Unrivalled expertise in fish farming

Because fish farming involves feeds with a very high added value and demanding procedures, Le Gouessant Aquaculture manages every stage, from formulation to manufacture.

From formulation to the manufacture of fish feeds

Analysis of requirements

Our ability to work together relies on the identification of your needs, the best solution to meet your expectations, the requirements of the target species and the technical feasibility. This information collected by our technical team - made up of former trout, bass or bream producers - will then be passed onto our formulation department


Using nutritional information obtained from bibliographies and ongoing work with technical institutes and research centres, our nutritionists develop the feed that will be the most suitable for your fish farm Find out more 

Raw material and supplement purchasing

There is a daily dialogue between our nutritionists and our team of purchaser, enabling them to meet all of our requirements. This teamwork and communication allows high quality sustainable raw materials to be bought at the best possible price. In order to guarantee this level of quality, the watchword for our cooperative, all of our suppliers are audited.


Our constant investments in R&D reinforce the quality of our feeds in terms of efficiency, durability, floatability, aspect, the use of new sustainable raw materials, etc. Our R&D team of 4 engineers is at your service for any new test request. Find out more 


The proximity and the availability of our commercial team, in order to answer all your questions, is also one of our strengths: what feed to choose, what is the best ration, to place an order, to contact our veterinary department and everything else.

Customer service

As soon as your order has been received, our customer service department will program the manufacture and delivery of your feeds within the shortest possible timescale. The proximity of our teams in the field and the human level of our structure guarantee you the best possible reactivity.

Industrial manufacture

In the feed mill, our teams that take in the deliveries of raw materials, manufacture, bag off and dispatch, work to guarantee the quality of your feeds on a daily basis. Their attention to detail and their commitment guarantee the regularity between each batch of feed dispatched.


Our QHSE team is transversal throughout all departments. It ensures compliance with legislation and specifications, and carries out quality controls during each stage of the process. The team is also there to help you with any customer claim in order to have a better understanding of your requirements and to manage the risks. Find out more 

The manufacturing process

Le Gouessant Aquaculture uses the procedure of extrusion cooking in order to heat and to mix with two screws a combination of raw materials and liquids mechanically, in an extruder. The matrix created is transferred up a tube and shaped as it goes through a holed disk, and then immediately cut by rotating blades. It is a technically complex operation which requires a lot of know-how and precision, and one in which the staffin the feed mill are proficient. There are a lot of advantages in its use, the key ones being :
  • The improvement of the digestibility of the feeds,
  • The gelatinisation of the starches, providing a solid structure for the pellets,
  • The major increase in oil incorporation rates that can be contained,
  • The stability of the products, for enhanced food safety,
  • The possibility to choose the floating characteristics of the pellets : sinking, floating, or semi-floating.