Tailor-made fish farming feed formulation

Multiple possibilities for a confidential and comprehensive range


Our formulators and R&D managers are present in order to help you find your feed solutions.

In synergy with our extrusion team, they aim to create a feed with you, in order to meet your criteria.

A stringent response to your specifications

Managing your specifications is essential when creating a feed formulation. Whatever the sector that you are involved in, we guarantee the strict compliance with your specifications and are able to offer you a wide range of feeds.

  • Fish farming in our regions
  • Private specifications (farmers, chains, etc.)
  • Organic fish farming
  • Label Rouge (Red Label)

Let’s move forward with complete confidence

At Le Gouessant Aquaculture, we have been formulating personalised feeds for numerous years..

We move forwards in a climate of confidence and confidentiality with every one of our clients, and alongside integrated groups, even with the smallest fish farming structures.


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