Our specialist pellets for fishing successfully

Our pellets for fishing are highly palatable, and have been developed as a result of our experience in fish farming and the different trials carried out by our experts.

Thanks to the use of a high quality meal, soluble fish proteins and fish oils combined with the extrusion process, our pellets are attractive and technically advanced baits that are accepted instantaneously by the fish.

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Our feeds for fishing can be found in several countries throughout Europe (highlighted on the map).

Baits for carp fishing and specialist carp fishing ponds

Our 30 years of experience gained in fish farming nutrition enables us to offer technically advanced pellets that are aimed specifically at carp fishing, whether it is in a specialist carp fishing pond or a lake.
The development of our range of baits has been based on the nutritional requirements of fish in order to guarantee optimal performance when you are fishing. The use of soluble proteins increases the palatability of our baits resulting in instantaneous attraction. Our pellets are highly digestible thanks the quality of our raw materials, and our manufacturing process. As a result our feeds compete instantaneously with the food that is naturally available in the environment. This leads to the fish staying longer on the same spot.
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Baits for fishing Sheatfish/Silure/Catfish

Our pellets of 20 and 25 mm, are very attractive and enable Sheatfish to be targeted, as well as the biggest carp specimens.
Our range of baits has been developed in order to optimise fish performance. Baits that are rich, with a high oil content are necessary for fishing Sheatfish. They are pellets that diffuse instantaneously, and the fish detect them from a long way off. The high nutritive value of these pellets makes them a treat that Sheatfish are unable to ignore.

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