Aquaponics: the well-being of fish and the natural fertilisation of plants

Over the last few years a new growing technique has appeared : Aquaponics. The system associates fish rearing « AQUA » and growing plants in soil free situations, hydroponics « PONICS ».
The general principle is to have a closed water circuit, which requires very little new water, the water goes through the fish growing and plant growth compartments several times : it is called recirculation.
Le Gouessant Aquaculture is working on feeds that meet not only the requirements for fish growth but also provide nutrients for plants, whilst minimising the amount of solids excreted in order to maintain good water quality throughout the system. Find out more about our range which covers France and the rest of Europe.

What is aquaponics

Here is an explanation of the different stages in the aquaponic cycle :

  1. The water enters the fish compartment. The fish are fed with suitable feeds and after digestion they excrete dissolved ammonia (NH4) and phosphorus (PO43-) in addition to solid faeces.
  2. The Matter in Suspension (MES) is removed using a mechanical filtration circuit.
  3. The nitrifying bacteria, Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter, present in the organic filter transform ammonia (toxic at low doses for fish) into nitrates (NO3) (molecules that are neutral for fish).
  4. The nitrates and other nutrients such as phosphorus are then assimilated by plants in the soil free plant production section. Several growing techniques exist such as rafts, hydroponic nutrient film techniques (NFT), growth using media, tidal tables and even droplet irrigation.
  5. To close the loop, the water will then return, filtered and nutrient poor, into the fish fattening tanks. It is therefore necessary to re-oxygenate the water and to remove the CO2 gas provided by the plants.

Characteristics of our special range for aquaponic systems

The feeds that we produce for aquaponics are naturally rich in the essential elements for the optimal nutrition of your fish, and to provide the necessary nutrients for your plants. By giving your fish our range of feeds, made from raw materials produced by organic agriculture, you will increase the performance of your aquaponic system and improve the vivacity of your plants.The way in which these feeds are balanced will enable your system to assimilate the elements contained in the fish feeds in order to fertilise your plants.
In line with our commitment to sustainable development and the conservation of marine resources, our expert nutritionists have developed a highly productive range, in order to meet your aquaponic requirements, whilst respecting the environment.

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