Promoting quality and innovation on a daily basis and safeguarding the environment are commitments that guide every decision that we make.

Thanks to its diversification into the manufacture of feed for fish farming, and with the same levels of accountability and the same strict quality standards, Le Gouessant Aquaculture has now become one of the leaders in fish farming in France

Fish farming feeds  Hobby feeds

The agility of a human sized team

  • 30 years of experience serving you
  • 50 spécialists in fish farming nutrition
  • French expertise serving 48 countries worldwide
  • 250 feeds with specific formulations, manufactured and marketed
  • 35 % of feeds are ORGANIC
  • The ability to adapt to all types of farm : at sea, in ponds, closed systems, aquaponics…
  • 23 000 tons of fish farming feeds manufactured each year

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Coupled with the strength of a co-operative group : Le Gouessant, is a co-operative by Nature

Our teams are able to use the know-how and the technical progress of the Le Gouessant Group, a co-operative business created in 1964, and with whom we share the same innovative approach and quest for operational excellence.

At Le Gouessant, our fundamental cooperatives make us different enabling us to meet the latest market expectations. Our expertise in animal nutrition and herd management is recognised, enabling us to contemplate the future serenely, and with renewed ambition.

With 4000 members and 750 staff, Le Gouessant achieves:

  • 538 M€ turnover
  • 11,3 M€ net profit
  • 107 M€ equity
  • 15 M€  of investments per year


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