French fish farming know-how at an international level


Our expertise is multidisciplined, it enables us to adapt our range of feeds to the needs of each species and to environmental constraints. Present in 48 countries throughout the world, we are sharing our French fish farming knowledge internationally.

Our commercial team is specialised according to zones and it’s members are always willing to meet you.

Today more than 50% of production is exported



Western Europe

Implanted in France, we are able to provide you with a fast and efficient response. From Ireland to Greece, via Lithuania and even to Spain, our range of feeds is suitable for all types of farming :

Northern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia

As each region has its own specific climate, our nutritionists have formulated ranges of feed that are adapted specifically to suit the extreme conditions that trout, seabass and sea bream farms are subjected to in northern Europe, Central Europe and Central Asia.

Feeds for farmed fish

North Africa

Our range for marine fish has been adapted especially in order to suit the Mediterranean ecosystem, and the local way of rearing fish (fish up to 300 g). It is the fruit of 15 years of presence in the North African countries.

Feeds for marine fish

Sub-Saharan Africa

Present in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 10 years (Gabon, Benin, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo-Brazaville, Guinea-Bissau, Nigeria, Togo…), our experts have developed a strong expertise in the intensive and semi-intensive farming of tilapia and catfish. In coordination with our nutritionists, we have formulated several ranges that are suitable for each type of farming.

Feeds for freshwater fish

Asia – Indian Ocean – French overseas departments and territories

Le Gouessant Aquaculture has the backing of a network of partners that are implanted in Asia, the Indian Ocean and the French overseas departments and territories. Strong links with exports enable us to develop new ranges of products conceived and formulated according to your needs in the field.

Shrimps feeds