Why stimulate fish and crustacean immune systems at the start of this summer?


Summer is one of the periods that has a high health risk. The rising temperature of the water in rivers encourages pathogens outbrake. Salmonids, pond fish, marine fish and crustaceans are more likely to encounter greater numbers of bacteria, viruses and parasites in their environment.

When an aquatic species is subjected to external stresses or is injured, the pathogens can attack its body. Before a serious infection sets in, the non-specific immunity, also called innate, is triggered in order to overcome the infection as quickly as possible. The innate immunity is the only form of defence that crustaceans have, and it is the type of immunity that is used in the majority of cases by fish*. Its aim is to destroy the pathogens before it has even identified them, thanks notably, to the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within its organism.


The reactive oxygen species are efficient when it comes to destroying bacteria and certain viruses, but they also harm the oxidative balance. Too much ROS in the cells can cause tissue inflammation. In order to protect the organism, the vitamins C and E reserves are mobilised. These vitamins are natural antioxidants. They help to limit tissue inflammation and to re-establish the oxidative balance by capturing the ROS produced in excess. Vitamin C is also known to improve the defence of membranes and healing.

It is recognised that the vitamins C and E have a role to play in order for fish and shrimp immunity to function correctly. During episodes of infection or high risk periods, maintaining a good vitamin level can help the organism to stay alert if necessary.

* Unlike molluscs and crustaceans, fish have a specific or acquired immunity. This immunity, triggered over time in the event of an infection, comes from an immunity memory. It is specific to a pathogen, and is acquired after it has encountered it for the first time; this is why vaccination is recommended for certain fish diseases.

At Le Gouessant Aquaculture, we offer vitamin supplements that are adapted to meet your requirements (as protection during periods when there is a high risk of infection) thanks to the fact that the dose of vitamins in your fattening feeds can be customised. The vitamins can be used in organic fish farming.

We can also supply supplements such as BIOSTIM (which can be used in organic fish farming) and NEOSTIM (which can be used in conventional fish farming) in order to boost the fish organism during periods of bacterial infection by incorporating MOS (Mannane-OligoSaccharides) and β-glucans as well as vitamins.

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