Coping with the summer like a fish in water

Kevin Bauduin, site Manager at La Source Fish Farm in Saint-Ségal.


Kevin Bauduin, site manager at La Source Fish Farm in Saint-Ségal (Finistère), has chosen to use NEO Summer as a precaution in order to cope with the summer season.Testimony

The fish farm produces 320 tons of rainbow trout for smoking. The summer is a critical period for this Brittany-based fish farm where high temperatures and a shortage of water can harm fish health. « The summer is a period that favours the development of enteritis. In order to reduce the health risk at the end of May, I made the change from a NEO CDC feed to NEO Summer that had been tried, with success, last year. This high energy feed enables rations to be reduced whilst optimising the nutritional inputs» explains Kévin.


« A good summer feed that makes the fish grow without excessive soiling»

Over the last two summers the fish farmer has reached the same conclusion: « NEO Summer enables the fish to be kept in good growing conditions. This summer feed works very well at low input rates. It makes the fish grow without excessive soiling. The water stays clean, which is very important for us as we are obliged to use the recycling system. » Normally Kevin and his team distribute nearly 1,5 tons of feed per day during the winter, however during the summer period they only distribute 500 kg/day of the NEO Summer ration. Despite this strict rationning, the nutritional requirements of the trout are satisfied because «The fish do not stand still but actually put on weight . It is a good summer feed to use in order to reduce the risks» reflects the fish farmer, whilst adding : « If you are satisfied, you should be prepared say it. As far as I’m concerned that is the case with Le Gouessant. The relationship with the team is easy and honest. The feed formulators listen to your requirements and try to find solutions for specific practical problems.»


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